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  • This page is meant for use by IT professionals.
  • Please read through the whole of this page before running the scan.
  • This scan must be run on a device that the candidate(s) will be using, and with a candidate/student account on that device. Please do not use any sort of administrative/teacher account or machine as this will invalidate the results.
  • This test is only intended to be run on one device at a time.
  • You only need to run this scan more than once if you want to test for things like different: types of devices, parts of your network, times of day, or types of user account.
  • This scan can take up to 5 minutes to complete, please be patient. Please note that the report that will be emailed to you contains more information than appears on the screen.

If you wish you can enter the name of your organisation and some notes that will be included in the email for your own reference e.g. "Test run from Room E43".

Your 'Centre Code' is our 4 character unique identifier for your organisation and an be found in the Morrisby Manager section of our website. Alternately you can call us on +44 (0) 330 500 5000

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Requirements Checklist

In order for the online assessment to run successfully a number of technical requirements must be met. Please read through this section carefully.

Local Network and Internet Connection

It is essential that your local network and Internet connections are sufficient for the number of simultaneous users you plan to have.

IMPORTANT: The network load for using our service can be roughly equated to that of general web browsing.

No large downloads are required, but the service uses a fairly high volume of very small ajax requests.

Please check:

  • If your users will be using wifi access points, are they sufficient to cope with the number of concurrent users?
  • Are your firewalls/proxies able to cope with the throughput?
  • Is your Internet connection sufficient?
  • Will you have users accessing the Internet or network for other reasons?

Device Support

The assessment has been designed to work on modern computers and tablets with mouse, touchpad or touch based interface.

Tablet Support:

  • iPad 4+ with iOS 10+ using Safari or Chrome.
  • Android 8+ using the latest version of Chrome.
  • 10 inch tablets supported in landscape or portrait.
  • 7 inch tablets should only be used in landscape mode.

Desktop PC Support:

  • Supported Browsers: Chrome (recent versions), Firefox (recent versions), Safari (10+), and Edge (recent versions).
  • Internet Explorer (11) is only supported on the old verions of Morrisby's services (the websites with the old blue Morrisby logos).
  • Any operating system that supports the above browsers is supported.
  • 1GB Ram minimum. 512mb may be sufficient with some operating system and browser combinations, but this is not officially supported so thorough testing would be required.
  • The hardware should be sufficient to deal easily with JavaScript heavy web pages.

Phone Support

Phones are not supported. Although they will run the assessment, phone screens are not large enough for candidates to complete the test as quickly as desktops and tablets. Therefore, candidates would not get accurate scores.

Display/Screen Requirements:

  • Minimum Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Minimum Screen Size: 7 inches if in landscape orientation, 10 inches if in portrait.

Display Recommendations:

  • The assessment should be displayed at a minimum of 14cm wide. This is particularly important to check on high DPI screens ( > 150 DPI).
  • A screen size of 10 inches or more is recommended.

Firewall Requirements:

  • The following domains must be added to network firewall and proxy white-lists
    • *
    • *
  • Ajax requests (gets and posts) must be enabled.

Other Recommendations:

  • Adblocking browser plug-ins should be disabled.
  • Browsers should be displayed at full screen size and at 100% zoom.
  • All other programs should be closed before starting the assessment.
  • All other browser tabs/windows should be closed before starting the assessment.
  • Browsers other than those listed may work, but are not officially supported and tested for. Therefore, we'd recommend thoroughly testing the assessment if you intend to use an unlisted browser.